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Aguilar-Chávez, C. (Mexico)
Allen, James C. (United States)
Allsop, Brent, Canonizer LLC (United States)
Amoroso, Richard L., Noetic Advanced Studies Institute (United States)
Amoroso, Richard L., Ph.D., Noetic Advanced Studies Institute (United States)
Aroskar, Sanjeev A. (India)


Balding, Vaughn, Independent Researcher (United Kingdom)
Banaei, Mehran, Independent Researcher (Canada)
Banaei, Mehran
Banaei, Mehran (Canada)
Bausch, Kenneth C. (United States)
Bhavsar, S. N. (India)
Bhutkar, Rajesh G., Independent Researcher (India)
Bindeman, Steven (United States)
Boyd, Robert N. (United States)
Brackett, Donald, Independent Cultural Journalist, Writer, & Curator (Canada)
Bricklin, Jonathan, Independent Scholar (United States)


Campbell, Robert (Thailand)
Campbell, Robert W. (Thailand)
Capezzani, Liuva (Malta)
Carvajal-Gámez, B. E. (Mexico)
Ceapa, Alexandru C. V.
Chopra, Deepak (United States)
Christianto, Victor
Christianto, Victor, Malang Institute of Agriculture (IPM) (Indonesia)

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