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Gillett, Grant, Bioethics Centre, University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ (New Zealand)
Glasberg, Ronald P., University of Calgary Calgary, Alberta Canada (Canada)
Gonzalez V., Cornelio (Colombia)


Haque, Nadeem (Canada)
Haque, Nadeem, Institute of Higher Reasoning (Canada)
Haque, Nadeem, Independent Researcher (Canada)
Haranas, Yiannis
Hardy, Chris H., Eco-Mind Systems science (France)
Hari, Syamala, retired as Distinguished Member of Technical Staff from Lucent Technologies, USA (United States)
Hossieni, Hossien, University of Sulaimani (Iraq)
Hu, Alice, Scientific GOD Inc. (United States)
Hu, Huping, QuantumDream, Inc.
Hu, Huping (United States)
Hu, Huping, Ph.D., J.D., Scientific GOD Inc. (United States)


Irwin, Klee, Quantum Gravity Research (United States)


Janew, Claus, Independent Philosopher (Germany)


Kalanov, Temur Z., Home of Physical Problems, Home of Physical Problems, Pisatelskaya 6a, 100200 Tashkent, Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan)
Kalanov, Temur Z., Home of Physical Problems (Uzbekistan)
Kastrup, Bernardo, Independent Scholar (Netherlands)
Kauffman, Stuart, Professor Emeritus Institute for Systems Biology University of Pennsylvania Calgary Canada (Canada)
Kaufman, Steven E., Independent Researcher (United States)
Kaufman, Steven E. (United States)
Kelly, Edward F., University of Virginia School of Medicine Charlottesville, VA (United States)
Kettell, Robert H., Independent Researcher (United States)
King, Chris (New Zealand)

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