Transhumanists, God, and the Problem of Evil

Brent Allsop


Powerful Good beings( i.e. Gods) can be defined to be both able and willing to overcome evils like death and suffering.  Any such beings are by definition incompatible with the existence of such evil. If one believes such beings exists while there is still evil they are faced with the "problem of evil" making such beliefs problematic. Hence the only logical view of a transhumanist seems to be atheism - or that such powerful beings don't yet exist, while there is still evil. People that believe such powerful beings already exist must have some kind of attempted theodicy where they justify and accept such evil in some way. In contrast, a transhumanist atheists can hope that death and suffering is about to be overcome, and that we, as such beings, are about to emerge.

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ISSN: 2153-831X