Unified Reality Theory: Relational-Matrix Model

Steven E. Kaufman


Our modeling of space-time as a structure must include an analysis and description of these two complementary aspects, i.e., something that exists, and the way that something is arranged into a structure. What space-time is made of we will analyze and describe in terms of spatial content. How that content is arranged we will analyze and describe in terms of spatial construct. Thus, In this article, we will describe the behavior of spatial content within the context of a defined spatial construct. This description will leave us with a model of space-time as a dynamic structure. We will call this model the relational-matrix model. This model will provide a framework that we can use to visualize the relationships between physical phenomena which we know must somehow be related but for which we currently lack the symbolic conceptual abstractions necessary to link together as a unified whole.

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ISSN: 2153-831X