Mindnature: Origin of Physicality & Mathematics

Graham P. Smetham


The existence of the irrational numbers indicates that reality is not a structure of inherent existence; it is a structure within emptiness. In other words it is because of the background fluid and indeterminate nature of emptiness that any reality can function at all, a remarkable insight on the part of Buddhist philosophy dramatically verified by quantum physics.  And this ultimately ‘empty’ nature is revealed by the very fact that such fluidly precise and yet in a sense ungraspable conceptual procedures have to be employed within mathematical analysis. If both the realm of mentality and physicality emerge from a deeper level of universal Mindnature then it is surely not such a great mystery that mathematics, itself a product of mind, produces the conceptual patterns generated and followed by the ‘physical’ functioning of reality.

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ISSN: 2153-831X