Science & Faith: Preconditions for a Unifying View

Kurt Dressler


A fruitful dialogue between science and religion presupposes a frame of thought which is free from ideological prejudice and rigid beliefs. This implies an understanding of science and a religiosity which is developed and deepened to the level at which there is no longer a sharp boundary between scientific knowledge and religious truth. Religious faith can become as consistent with our experience as our scientific knowledge. The foundation of faith then is the very Truth which lies at the basis of our existence and of the whole of everything. The scientific and religious worldviews no longer are two separate views but a unified one. The whole of the universe - space, time, matter, energy, spirit, individual consciousness and the whole of consciousness - in truth is one undivided whole. To our mind it consists of individual objects. But any 'complete physical theory (of objective nature) would be a temporary product of philosophically completely self-satisfied physicists'. Within the undivided whole, Truth keeps re-emerging as original, dynamic and authentic experience. And Truth is personal: By identifying themselves with the deeper Truth that lies at the foundation of this wonderful universe, scientists would regain their dignity as human beings and as responsible participants in the ongoing process of creation. Preconditions for such a unified view are discussed here.

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ISSN: 2153-831X