Stephen Hawking’s Hotchpotch

Himangsu S. Pal


Atheist scientists usually say that as there is no evidence for the existence of God so far, so it is reasonable to believe that there is no God. Here I will clearly show that neither there is any evidence so far that something can come out of nothing. On the basis of this lack of evidence we can also say that it is reasonable not to believe that the universe has actually originated from nothing. We can also demand that atheist scientists should immediately stop deceiving us in the name of science. If atheistic scientists cannot believe in the existence of God due to lack of evidence, then it is equally true that due to this same lack of evidence we cannot also believe that the laws of gravity and quantum theory were already there at the beginning of our universe to govern that beginning. So how did Hawking particularly come to know that these two laws governed the beginning of our universe? Is he all-knowing God?

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ISSN: 2153-831X