Relation of the Chaos Equation to God Perceived by Pascal, Nietzsche & Nightingale

Hideaki Yanagisawa


There is no reported equation that explains God. Evolutionary theory and many methods for rearranging thoughts were explained by the chaos theory.  In this article, I explain God by a variable of a chaos equation as done in other previous studies.  A representative chaos equation is given by Y(n+1) = p[1-Y(n)]Y(n). This equation has fixed and chaotic answers depending on the value of “p”.   Continuous covariation is a necessary condition for the occurrence of chaotic phenomena. “Living” is a chaotic state because it follows continuous covariation with the environment. I contend that God perceived by Pascal, Nietzsche, and Nightingale can be explained by a relationship between fixed and chaotic answers.   In living phenomena, time is a direction from a chaotic to fixed state and of decreasing entropy over time. Only the living function of creatures can decrease entropy.  However, entropy increases over time in physical phenomena. Living creatures can recognize the time course as the opposing directions of entropy changes.   In addition, they understand the direction of decreasing entropy beyond a Feigenbaum point as the power of God.  Therefore, God can manifest as a process of decreasing entropy beyond a Feigenbaum point.

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ISSN: 2153-831X