Ultraholism: The Field of Infinite Meaning

Iona Miller


We have seen back in time to the infancy of our Cosmos. As we press against the boundaries of Existence, we find our paradigm of holism expanding from local to global to galactic to cosmic -- into a Universal Ultraholism that connects not only all existence in this universe, but perhaps includes others currently beyond conception, much less perception. But they are inferred in intuition and some models of scientific reality. Even though "explanations" fail as paradigms until widely embraced, ultraholism may provide insight into an even more sophisticated physics. Such a radical worldview is gaining scientific currency though a unified theory remains elusive. Ultraholism may be the latest buzzword for the Holy Grail. Broader models of ultraholism are emerging in life sciences and physics. It is now commonly accepted that the seed of life transcends our planet, and the seeds of being may transcend our universe. Consciousness may be the sole informing element.

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ISSN: 2153-831X