More Thoughts on Light, Matter, Space & Time

Himangsu S. Pal


Space is precisely that place for me where I am not. If I am everywhere in the universe, then there will be no such place left for me any more, and thus I will be spaceless. When there will be space for me, there will also be time. Because in that case it will be possible for me to move from the place where I am to the place where I am not and thus there will be two events, one before, and one after; this will constitute time for me. But in case I am everywhere in the universe, no such occasion can ever arise, and so there will be no time for me. But if the universe as a whole is in some super-space or hyperspace, then again there will be space and time for it, but in that case it will no longer be The Whole. Thus The Whole, by definition, will always be spaceless and timeless. It is this, and this only, that can be so purely naturally. The light, not being The Whole, but still possessing its two said properties, gives us certainty that The Whole exists. The reason as to why God is spaceless and timeless is that there cannot be anything outside God.

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ISSN: 2153-831X