About Truth and Bias

Robert W. Campbell


It is shown that the examination of truth implicitly requires universal values that derive from Universal Wholeness. Universal values such as truth, love, compassion and justice, by their nature transcend and subsume physical events that we perceive in space and time. Since we are required to meaningfully interpret phenomenal experience in order to coherently respond to circumstance, we tend to contrive frameworks of understanding in language. This introduces personal biases that we identify with. We implicitly assume that our social and cultural frameworks universally reflect realities of the cosmic order, whether they are religious, spiritual, scientific, ethnic, or whatever. It becomes apparent that left-brain language alone is not up to the task since the meaning implicit in words depends upon right-brain intuitive insight into aspects of the cosmic order as we perceive it to be. Although it is not possible to reduce the cosmic order to language a universal methodology is introduced that embraces all possible structural varieties of phenomenal experience. It both requires and facilitates direct intuitive insight into the structural dynamics of the creative process in any context. This can provide a universal means of weeding out biases in our frameworks of understanding without eroding their essential core.

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ISSN: 2153-831X