Holographic Godforms: The Spirit of the Times

Iona Miller


Archetypes are immense latent power, the archaic blueprints only one holographic domain removed from the undifferentiated source field. These ancient "gods and goddesses" are fountains of inspiration that characterize the emergence of forms and forces, including healing potential. We can take a transdisciplinary approach to understanding godforms as symbols and powerful dynamics in our lives. We can use transpersonal techniques to take up conscious relationships with them, distinguishing ourselves from them, unbinding our identities and actualizing our negentropic potential. The heresy of the past becomes the health of our future. The collective nature of archetypes is revealed in myth and dreams and our imaginal stream of consciousness. Jung described their energy-charged psychic aspect as systems of readiness for action, images, and emotions. Their magnetic autonomous expressions include our complexes, subpersonalities, shadows, and wisdom figures -- patterns of perception, behavior, motivation, and attitude. They characterize our personal experience as potentials of motivation, action and reaction in challenge, adaptation, and synthesis of emergent aspects of the self as they manifest.

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ISSN: 2153-831X