Physics & Cosmic Order: Introduction

Robert W. Campbell


The current paradigm of physics still rests on ideas that emerged in the Golden Age of Greece, and it has been instrumental in accumulating a great fund of knowledge over the past few centuries. At the same time it has done little to advance our understanding of the creative process. This leaves us struggling with an ever burgeoning number of facts and fragments to a jigsaw puzzle, without an overall picture to guide us in their assembly into coherent meaning. The alternative paradigm presented here encompasses the vast fund of factual evidence in presenting an integrated picture of a more fundamental worldview. The basic laws of physics are rendered transparent when seen through the lens of new insights into the cosmic order. A new quantum-relativity emerges naturally. This has profound implications for our view of quantum events, atomic structure, the nature of space-time, and cosmology.

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ISSN: 2153-831X