Integration of Scientific & Religious Experience

Amrit S. Sorli


Science is developing rational experience of the world. Religion is searching for conscious experience of the world. Rational experience is analytic, we experience world divided in elements, conscious experience is synthetic, we experience world as Oneness. Scientific and religious experience has in common “the observer”. In science observer is observing and being conscious about scientific models of the world created by the scientific mind, he is observing experiment which proves or disproves a model. In religion the same observer is observing and being conscious about religious dogmas, rules and convictions; in religion observer is searching for inner experience of god, of sacredness of the world. The observer is the integrator of science and religion. Beside observing and being conscious of the outer material world and inner psychological world observer has ability to observe and experience him/herself. Self-experience is creating the realized human being in which are integrated scientific quantitative and religious qualitative experiences of the world. Realized human being is the ground for peace and harmonious living between different races, religions and nations, for cohabitation of man and nature.

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ISSN: 2153-831X