Physics & Cosmic Order III: Introducing System 3

Robert W. Campbell


System 3 has two sets of three centers, one set being unique and universal, the other set being particular and manifold. Each set has two orientations making a total of four terms. They interact in pairs, alternating between a quantum frame and a space frame in the synchronous projection of phenomenal experience frame by frame, as in a cosmic movie. In the alternate quantum frame atoms transform into timeless and formless bundles of photon energy equivalents that are universally integrated into an orthogonal energy field that is called the Void. Linear time derives from the synchronous recurrence of space frames in which particulate sets delineate three dimensional atoms. Light originating from within atoms defines space with respect to each atom, linking up all atoms within each space frame to provide the integrated fabric of space-time. Space and time are quantized accordingly. The quark-like universal set tunnels counterclockwise through the particular set. This gives rise to charge between centers 2 (electron) and 3 (proton), whereas clockwise tunneling corresponds to a degenerate involutionary variant and antimatter. A regenerative variant accounts for the neutron, being stable only in connection with the expressive variant that delineates the photon, electron and proton. The neutrino is a particle remnant of a photon associated with decay processes. A new quantum relativity emerges naturally with profound implications in many areas.

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ISSN: 2153-831X