My Encounter with God Continued: Spaceless and Timeless God

Himangsu S. Pal


One day I earnestly prayed: Please give me some direct proof/evidence of your existence. A few days later a thought came to my mind suddenly: We say that God is spaceless and timeless, that is, for God space and time are not real but for us humans space and time appear very real; so, if such a God does exist, space and time will definitely be relative. Therefore, the theory of relativity shows that there is a God, because the presence of a spaceless and timeless God in the universe can only make space and time relative. Mystics and other God-believers all over the world have also unanimously said about God that He is spaceless and timeless. So, if the theory of relativity is scientifically correct, then we can with confidence say that there is indeed a God.

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ISSN: 2153-831X