Cosmic Order: Nested Hierarchical Organization & Its Test

Robert Campbell


We seek integrating frameworks of understanding that are universally valid and our knowledge has evolved to the point where genuine insight into the workings of the cosmic order is possible. It is shown that a non-linguistic System of representing the nested hierarchical organization of the cosmic order both facilitates and requires direct intuitive insight that meaningfully integrates the empirical data in any circumstance. It renders the creative process intuitively transparent. This is shown to provide a much better fit with the evidence in a way that expands the horizons of science. It bridges the gaps and mends the flaws in our current piecemeal understanding. A better fit is a primary test of any new theory and other tests of its validity are indicated which can further confirm its value. It is a new universal methodology that complements and redirects traditional approaches to the sciences.

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ISSN: 2153-831X