Science & Spirituality

Steven E. Kaufman


The key to unlocking the door to the nature of Reality, i.e., the nature of What Is Actually There, including the realization of our own True Nature, lay in both science and spirituality. Science has discovered that to observe is to create the observation, at least at the quantum level, although the same is true of all perception and conception. This discovery has opened the door to a conceptual understanding of Consciousness as being What Is Actually There where experiential reality appears to be. However, it is spirituality that has to arise to bridge the chasm between the conceptual understanding of the world as composed of Consciousness and the direct realization of one's self as that Consciousness. Spirituality makes it clear that if one is to truly know What Is Actually There, which includes knowing one's own Nature as That, then one must move beyond concepts and into the Formlessness Itself, devoid of concepts.

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ISSN: 2153-831X