A Simple Explanation of “Who I Am”

Cyd Ropp


For most people, the answer to "who am I?" is that I am my self-aware sense of "me" encased in this body of mine. The simple explanation theory says we are that, but also we are the things we love and hate, plus the record of our actions in this world, overlaid upon our Unit of Consciousness (“UC”). Think of a UC as a perfect echo or wave form "shaped" exactly like God's mind. You might say our universe is populated by exact echoes of God's primordial UC. The Units of Consciousness are all identical--they're all reflections of the God UC. What make "me" different from "you" are the patterns of meme bundles and karma that overlay or filter out our Units of Consciousness. The Self UC is a perfect reflection of the God UC. But "I" (the subjective sense of "me") am not that perfect, due to meme attachments and karma.

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ISSN: 2153-831X