Soul & Consciousness

Contzen Pereira


It is my view that my soul is my consciousness and my consciousness is my soul. It appears that energy renders my consciousness to surge within me and my soul is a sphere of energy that encases me. Further, it appears that my soul dwell within me until my bodily death and my soul makes me conscious of my existence and all that exist around me. I feel my consciousness for it is my soul. Addressing the ‘how’ of my soul may someday be possible but knowing the ‘why’ of my soul may stay a mystery for it is as mystifying as the supernatural. We may be able to introduce a soul within non-living beings by evoking consciousness artificially, but I am rather sure that these beings may never experience the soul or consciousness that I experience. On bodily death, my soul shall depart as an end to my conscious cycle for somewhere someone shall reap the energy and devise its consciousness , thus, its soul.

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ISSN: 2153-831X