Enhancement of Internal Excellence & Its Measurement

Pradeep B. Deshpande


In the article, the author describes and discusses his experimentations on enhancing internal excellence. The state of chakras has been selected for scrutiny in this investigation. If the chakras are on target, the rest of the system should be equally good. The notion of chakras, or energy channels, is an ancient Indian concept developed thousands of years ago. There are seven chakras, whose state is correlated with energies of the ten fingers. When the appropriate fingers of the right hand and the left both have the correct amount of energy, the associated chakra will be of the correct size and perfectly aligned at the central vertical line. The state of the chakras is influenced by both the physiological and psychoemotional state of the subject and so this is a 2-input 1-output problem. When the emotions come under control - they will with meditation, it will reduce to a 1-input 1-output problem. The selected meditation process should address both the size of all the chakras, and their balance, meaning closeness to the central line.

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ISSN: 2153-831X