Life in Parallel Worlds & Buddhist Psycho-Metaphysics (Part II)

Graham P. Smetham


Michael B. Mensky’s quantum spiritual psycho-metaphysics is an overarching paradigm for a post-materialist science and philosophy, and his work in this area is of immense significance for the modern world. His quantum-spiritual psycho-metaphysics is entirely consistent with ‘mystical’ insights, in particular it is coherent with Buddhist psycho-metaphysics. Mensky’s quantum psycho-metaphysical paradigm succeeds dramatically by indicating that both Life and consciousness are fundamental internal aspects of quantum reality, Mensky’s ‘Alterverse’.  Furthermore, according to Mensky’s quantum psycho-metaphysical model of the process of reality Life and consciousness are unfolded from the quantum realm through the operation of an inner teleological ‘pressure’ which Mensky calls the ‘Life-Principle’. This remarkable conceptual revolution, which shatters the materialist madness of many contemporary physicists and philosophers, is entirely consistent and coherent with the metaphysical insights of quantum theory and it corresponds closely with central Buddhist psycho-metaphysical doctrines such as karma and rebirth.  Also, according to Mensky’s quantum spiritual worldview, the endpoint of the long chain of rebirths is enlightenment.

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ISSN: 2153-831X