Epilogue: From ‘Physics Policy’ to ‘Physics as Policy’

Alexandru C. V. Ceapa


Leading physicists have become aware of the resulting lack of finality of most projects, which has scaled up the crisis of modern physics risen from the physicists’ attitude toward the role played by revelation in the act of science and the resulting uncontrolled mixture of revealed and rational knowledge in their minds.  But, instead of identifying the causes of the crisis which we pointed out in Prologue), and eradicating them as we partly did in this work, they have opted for substantial funds by launching big, expensive projects with feeble experimental results. ‘Physics policy’ should define the contest for funds turning research projects into main contributions to progress. The turning of ‘physics policy’ into ‘physics as policy’ may be followed by a boom on the world market of novel technologies and products with maximum of profit for mankind.

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ISSN: 2153-831X