A System Dynamics Approach to Modelling Individual Peace towards the Creation of a Social Peace Propagation Model

Enya Zhuang, Matthew Reso, Jeffery Jonathan Joshua Davis


The system dynamics model that we present here will be focused on the exploration of individual inner peace. This will include aspects and elements like health, diet and exercise, genetic propensity towards peace, actions of kindness, the environment, quality and quantity of spiritual practice, inspirations, insights and moments of wisdom. We will also touch on the general aspects of how to balance work, stress, spiritual practice and exercise in order to create the desired inner peace. Our aim is to understand the dynamics of the systems involving both individual inner peace and collective social harmony, as well as how peace propagates trans-generationally. It is also important to mention that the term ‘inner peace’ should be understood as spiritual peace treated broadly in the different texts of ancient and modern wisdom from different cultures. We are convinced and therefore we conjecture, that as more people attain inner peace, human communities of inter-associations of peaceful people will also contribute to the tendency of greater social harmony and, by extension (interaction between communities), humanity will follow the same tendency.

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ISSN: 2153-831X