The Theoretical Model of GOD: Proof of the Existence and of the Uniqueness of GOD

Temur Z. Kalanov


The work is devoted to the 21st century’s most urgent problem – the problem of existence of God. The theoretical proof of the existence and of the uniqueness of God, based on the correct method of knowledge - unity of formal logic and of rational dialectics - is proposed. This proof represents a theoretical model of God: a system of axioms from which the principle of existence and of uniqueness of God is deduced. The principle runs as follows: God exists as the Absolute, the Creator, the Governor of the essence (information) and of the phenomenon (material manifestation of information). The theoretical model of man and the formulation of the principle of development of Mankind – as consequences of model of God – are proposed as well. The main conclusion is as follows: the principle of the existence and of the uniqueness of God represents absolute scientific truth and, consequently, should be a starting-point and a basis of the 21st century’s correct science.

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ISSN: 2153-831X