Unbounded Continuum: Mesostratum & Physiostratum

Alex Vary


This paper is based on the argument that the cosmos is but an observable, measurable, material subset of the Universe which is an unbounded continuum beyond description or definition. There may be uncountable space-time-bounded cosmoses beyond the range of terrestrial observation. The Universe has no known history while the cosmos, a massive discontinuum filled with particles in motion, has a history. A plausible history of the cosmos is given by the hot big bang theory and chronology which posit its origin and rapid expansion from a point singularity. We propose an alternate chronology which assumes that the cosmos emerged from a universal energetic substratum, expanded, and agglomerated hierarchically; ultimately forming galaxies which subsequently spawned the stars that illuminate them. We reckon that the energetic substratum is an integral part of the mesostratum and identify the cosmos as the physiostratum. We argue that the mesostratum and its vast hyperspace energetic resources preexisted the physiostratum and that the cosmos sprang - quantum particle by quantum particle - from the mesostratum.

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ISSN: 2153-831X