Unitary Theory of the Numbers of the Decimal Numeration System

Cornelio Gonzalez V.


A common contact point could exist between Schrödinger’s quantum wave and Bohm's quantum potential: they would both share the same “unified field”, that is to say that both would depend on one space-time structured and governed by the Law that UNIFIES and TOTALIZES them in an universal field, since the quantum wave possesses, by construction and by definition, the ENTIRETY of the cognoscible thing, while in Bohm's quantum potential, it is the same character of TOTALITY that orders and manages the behavior of the subatomic particles that conform to its intrinsic “field”. MAN and Universe are one and the same thing, structured and ruled by the Law of UNITY that TOTALIZES the cosmos as shown in the unitary theory of the numbers of the decimal numeration system presented herein.

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ISSN: 2153-831X