Thinking Out Loud on Primeval Atom, Big Bang & Biblical Creation

Victor Christianto, Florentin Smarandache


In recent years, the Big Bang as described by the Lambda CDM-Standard Model Cosmology has become widely accepted by majority of physics and cosmology communities. Some people even have concluded that it has no serious alternative in horizon. Is that true? First, as we argued elsewhere, Big Bang relies on singularity, so, when we are able to describe the observed data without invoking singularity, then Big Bang model is no longer required. In this paper, we explore a few alternatives other than Big Bang which most cosmologists believe is the closest to biblical account of creation. We argue that re-reading of Genesis 1:2 will lead one to another viable model, albeit it has not been developed rigorously as LCDM theories.  We also briefly discuss a fluid Maxwell equations of Tsutomu Kambe based on vortex sound theory.

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ISSN: 2153-831X