Prologue: The Enigma of Enlightenment

James Kowall


The journey to awakening is only a process of breaking the hypnotic spell of personal identity. The only real power one has to break this hypnotic spell is one's focus of attention, which is how one makes choices. One breaks the hypnotic spell of personal identity by choosing to negate the false belief in personal identity, which always requires a shift in the focus of one's attention. One negates the false belief by shifting one's attention on one's own sense of beingness. The negation process narrows down the issue of choice to a single question: Who am I? Everything written here is only a movement toward that final seeing and knowing, which paradoxically is known as knowing nothing. Everything written here is written in that spirit of being nothing and knowing nothing, which paradoxically is the ultimate knowledge.

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ISSN: 2153-831X