The Paradigm Shift of Awakening From Delusion

James Kowall


The conventional view of reality one has of oneself and the world is one is a person in the world. One assumes a world of matter, energy, space and time has independent existence, and that one independently exists as a person in that world. One assumes that one is embodied and that one's brain inside one's body gives rise to one's mind that gives rise to one's consciousness. The fact of the matter is this assumption has never been verified and is not supported by scientific evidence. There is another kind of assumption one can make that gives rise to a paradigm shift in the way one sees the world and oneself. Instead of assuming the independent existence of the world, one assumes the independent existence of one's consciousness that perceives the world. Instead of assuming one's consciousness arises from a mind that arises from a brain, one assumes the mind arises from consciousness and the body and brain arise from the mind. Not only the body and brain, but one's whole world arises from one's mind. This paradigm shift is fundamentally a shift in the focus of attention of one's consciousness away from the world and mind that one perceives and onto the true nature of what one is, which leads to one's awakening from delusion.

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ISSN: 2153-831X