Is God One or Three?

James Kowall


Although not generally recognized, modern physics as formulated in terms of the concepts of dark energy and the holographic principle can explain “God as both One and Three” in a way that is consistent with everything we scientifically know about the world. This article will explore these ideas and give an overview of what they imply in terms of science and spirituality. The concept of "God as One" is best understood in terms of the concept of undifferentiated and unlimited consciousness. This is the concept of consciousness as the unlimited, undivided and unchanging nothingness of the void, which can be called the One Consciousness. The concept of "God as Three" can then be understood in terms of the concept of the limitation of consciousness that arises with a holographic screen that projects all the observable images of the observer's world to the observer's central point of view. This is the trinity of the observer observing its own holographic world, which can be called the I Am Consciousness. Ultimately, the I Am Consciousness must return to, reunite itself with and become one with the One Consciousness.

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