The Spiritual Meaning of the OA and the Matrix in the Context of Genesis

James Kowall


In recent years, popular culture has been trying to wrap its collective mind around the spiritual nature of consciousness. Twenty years ago we had the Matrix as an expression of spiritual seeking, and today we have the OA. Both of these expressions of spiritual seeking are trying to explain how consciousness creates a world for itself as a sort of virtual reality it can experience. The central metaphor of the Matrix is entering the darkness as depicted by the wearing of dark glasses. The motto of the Matrix is Know Thyself. The central metaphor of the OA is seeing the world from an ascended or God's Eye point of view. The motto of the OA is Who Am I? These two metaphors come together in the story of Genesis, which tells us that God divided the light from the darkness. In spiritual terms, the darkness is the source of the light of consciousness.

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ISSN: 2153-831X