Consciousness Creates Reality

James Kowall


Consciousness creates reality, but the reality it creates is like a virtual reality. The holographic principle is telling us this virtual reality is imaginary in the same sense as the computer generated images of a virtual reality projected from a computer screen to the point of view of an observer outside the screen are imaginary. Only the consciousness of the observer outside the screen has an ultimate reality. The screen is always a limitation of consciousness in the sense of a bounding surface of space that encodes bits of information for everything observed within that bounded space, which inherently limits the observer's observations to things that can be observed within that bounded space. The ultimate reality of the observer's consciousness can only be understood as unlimited consciousness. Creation consciousness is not limited to the individual consciousness of an observer, but is inherently unlimited. This ultimate state of existence is like an empty space of potentiality that can only be described in negative terms as uncreated, unlimited, undivided, undifferentiated, limitless, formless, selfless, timeless, nothingness and emptiness.

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ISSN: 2153-831X