What Is Consciousness a/k/a Who Am I?

James Kowall


The only true thing that anyone can say about consciousness is that it exists. The only true thing that anyone can know about oneself is that one exists. This is the essential nature of solipsism, which is most succinctly stated as I Am. The direct corollary of these statements is that the true nature of what one is, is consciousness. There can only be one consciousness, but there can be many different points of view within one consciousness. Each point of view is like an individual expression of the one consciousness that is perceiving its own mind on its own mental screen, which scientifically can be understood in the sense of the holographic principle as an observer perceiving its own world on its own holographic screen. A holographic screen is understood as a bounding surface of space that encodes bits of information for everything observed within that bounded space, but inherently limits those observations to things that can be observed within that bounded region of space. This tells us the observation of anything is a limitation of the one consciousness that arises from a limiting holographic screen. In-and-of-itself, without a limiting holographic screen, the one consciousness is unlimited, but this also tells us that in-and-of-itself, the one consciousness is observing nothing. This nothingness is the true nature of what one is.

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