Reflection on My Transcendental Mystical Experience: A Serene State of Transcendent Understanding

Dick W. Richardson


Instantly after that Paradise event of transcendence itself there was but one thought, one knowledge, one understanding and affirmation... and which is... Oh... no... Oh... my God... how beautiful it is!  Oh my Love, would that they could know this; would that their eyes could see and their minds understand as to what they are, and from whence they came; the beauty, the truth, the passion.  My love, give me the understanding; and give me the words, that I might speak of the wonder of being.  And let us create Man in our image. When writing the actual exegesis of those events (the initial transcendent experience) I had to write as like a living diary of how it was and what it was like. To have interjected concepts and knowledge from later aspects in life would have spoiled the actual story of the journey. I tried to make it that people could try living it with me, and what I felt at the time.

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ISSN: 2153-831X