Encounters with Non-Human Intelligence in Mexico, the Origin of Consciousness & the Quantum Consciousness Model: The Sol Collazo Case (Part I)

Raul Valverde


Recently, several people in Mexico have revealed their encounters with non-human intelligent beings. Many times, these encounters have the purpose of revealing information related to spirituality, consciousness and cosmology. The quantum consciousness paradigm explains that our consciousness is immortal, non-local and can work independently of the physical brain and supports a multidimensional view of the human mind.  The article aims at presenting a model revealed to non-human intelligence contactee, Sol Collazo, that supports the existence of a quantum field that is responsible for the generation of the reality that we perceive. The same model also reveals the different energies that make consciousness and how they interact with this quantum field. The article also presents the experiences of the author including a contact with the Pleiadians that are benevolent beings that serve humanity in our evolution process.

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ISSN: 2153-831X