Search for the World Formula/Theory of Everything

Manfred U. E. Pohl


In this article, the author searches for the world formula/theory of everything. This world formula, if found, will also be useful in answering the questions of God and his will and the meaning of life. Our world is apparently at a turning point - Overpopulation, climate change and the pandemics impel us to seek solutions and transformations of human societies to a new and sustainable paradigm on Earth. Can this envisaged transformation succeed? Can the world formula help? This article explores following topics:

(1) Does the world formula exist?

(2) Fundamental need for explanation in physics;

(3) The problem with time;

(4) Only measurement is objective science;

(5) Steps to the world formula - Definition of space and time;

     (5.1) Past, future and causality: Two concepts of time,

     (5.2) Construction of space, "nothingness" and "something",

     (5.3) Movement of "something" (body),

     (5.4) Einstein's error of thought,

     (5.5) Time, space and movement : Trinity of measurement,

     (5.6) Holy grail: The clock body,

     (5.7) The world formula in a simple equation: The clock body π,

     (5.8) Construction of the 5-dimensional space-time, and

     (5.9) Summary: Squaring the circle;

     (5.10) Experimental evidence: Speed of Light; and

(6) Theology as Science.

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ISSN: 2153-831X