The Scientific and Academic Quest for Understanding

Dick W. Richardson


The study of the phenomenon of Consciousness is very important indeed. But the study of the content of conscious experience is even more important, and so too is the question of what it is that is Conscious. I AM conscious, and I am what I AM. So what am I then? And from whence do I come and why? What is the function of my existence and what will it do?  Is there something far far greater than the Observer (me)?  Indeed there IS. What is it?  I don’t know yet, not for absolute sure. But I am going to find out, even if it kills me. For I HAVE to KNOW. What do I believe? Nothing, believing is for the fairies, not for Man. For Man exists to KNOW. That also becomes axiomatic and unarguable – when you KNOW it.

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ISSN: 2153-831X