New Proofs for the Existence of God (Part III): The Teleogenical Proof

Nadeem Haque, Mehran Banaei


A synthesis of recent Cosmological and Biological Evidence concretely points to an Intelligence that created this universe that must be independent of this universe. The classical teleological and cosmological arguments have valid components but are not conclusive due to their segmented and non-integrated nature and also because of a logically invalid tactic/strategy used by atheists known as the fallacy of conflation. Also discussed by deconstruction, is the futile attempt at using cloaked language to hide the fact of teleological processes. Epistemologically, it is also shown why the Big Bang is a fact and not a theory. Herein, a complex yet integrated new proof that interweaves all these ideas, called the Teleogenical Proof, is presented that overcomes all the shortcomings of the latter two classical attempted proofs and connects with the Sesamatic proof on the question of infinite regress.

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ISSN: 2153-831X