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Logo Scientific GOD, Inc. ("SGI") is a New York not-for-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status as of March 1, 2010 and publishes Scientific GOD Journal ("SGJ", ISSN: 2153-831X). SGI's other objectives includes conducting scientific research on GOD and promoting the said research by organizing scientific conferences, etc. (when feasible). The scope of SGI's activities will depend on its available funds and other resources plus its ability to raise additional funds. Please support Scientific GOD, Inc. by making a Financial Contribution through PayPal.

SGI is not about a particular religion nor is it focused on religious debates. Rather, it is an institution (and publication) where scientists, philosophers, theologians and other learned scholars publish their research results and express their views on the issues outlined herein. In doing so, we hope that one day we will be able to answer scientifically the questions concerning us the most - who are we, where did we come from, where are we going, and, is there a Scientific GOD?

On September 11, 2012, SGI launches "1 God 1 World, 1 World 1 People & 1 World 1 Dream" Initiative: "11 Prompt: A Higher Calling for A New World!"

On January 14, 2014, SGI launches "God Social Network" for a brighter, peaceful and enlightened future of humanity. SGI invites you to join.

Scientific GOD Journal

Published on March 29, 2015: SGJ 6(3) entitled "A Simple Explanation". This is a focus issue featuring Cyd Ropp's work.

SGJ Volume 6 Issue 4 Is Coming Soon!

The purpose and mission of Scientific GOD Journal ("SGJ", ISSN: 2153-831X) are to conduct scientific inquiries on the nature and origins of life, mind, physical laws and mathematics and their possible connections to a scientifically approachable transcendental ground of existence – we call "Scientific GOD." By “scientific inquiries”, we mean building concrete and testable models and/or hypotheses connected to hard sciences (e.g., physics, neuroscience, biochemistry and physiology) and doing the experimental testing. We believe that in this golden age of Science the GOD in whom we trust should be spiritual as well as scientific. Indeed, since we are all made out of the same subatomic, atomic and genetic alphabets, the scientific GOD each of us seeks should be one and the same whatever our race, religion and other differences. There is also a Scientific GOD Forum available.

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Print Editions of SGJ are available through CreateSpace (an Amazon company),, Amazon Europe and UK, and many online book stores:
SGJ Volume 1 Issue 1 (ISBN: 1460955544); SGJ Volume 1 Issue 2 (ISBN: 1460956818);
SGJ Volume 1 Issue 3 ( ~Not Available~ ); SGJ Volume 1 Issue 4 (ISBN: 1460960955);
SGJ Volume 1 Issue 5 (ISBN: 1460961021); SGJ Volume 1 Issue 6 (ISBN: 1460962664);
SGJ Volume 1 Issue 7 (ISBN: 1460962893); SGJ Volume 1 Issue 8 (ISBN: 146096313X);
SGJ Volume 2 Issue 1 (ISBN: 1460963822); SGJ Volume 2 Issue 2 (ISBN: 1460965299);
SGJ Volume 2 Issue 3 (ISBN: 1460960920); SGJ Volume 2 Issue 4 (ISBN: 1463689446);
SGJ Volume 2 Issue 5 (ISBN: 1463789335); SGJ Volume 2 Issue 6 (ISBN: 1466352701);
SGJ Volume 2 Issue 7 (ISBN: 1467903493); SGJ Volume 2 Issue 8 (ISBN: 1468024760);
SGJ Volume 2 Issue 9 (ISBN: 1468158643); SGJ Volume 2 Issue 10 (ISBN: 1468159658);
SGJ Volume 3 Issue 1 (ISBN: 1470035243); SGJ Volume 3 Issue 2 (ISBN: 1470183587);
SGJ Volume 3 Issue 3 (ISBN: 1475134649); SGJ Volume 3 Issue 4 (ISBN: 1477532994);
SGJ Volume 3 Issue 5 (ISBN: 1478172622); SGJ Volume 3 Issue 6 (ISBN: 1478374780);
SGJ Volume 3 Issue 7 (ISBN: 1479184853); SGJ Volume 3 Issue 8 (ISBN: 147925536X);
SGJ Volume 3 Issue 9 (ISBN: 148011510X); SGJ Volume 3 Issue 10 (ISBN: 1481218972);
SGJ Volume 3 Issue 11 (ISBN: 1481893637); SGJ Volume 4 Issue 1 (ISBN: 1482355035);
SGJ Volume 4 Issue 2 (ISBN: 1482690586); SGJ Volume 4 Issue 3 (ISBN: 1484174631);
SGJ Volume 4 Issue 4 (ISBN: 1490387722); SGJ Volume 4 Issue 5 ( ~Not Available~ ):
SGJ Volume 4 Issue 6 (ISBN: 1491275464); SGJ Volume 4 Issue 7 (ISBN: 1492372129);
SGJ Volume 4 Issue 8 (ISBN: 1493671359); SGJ Volume 4 Issue 9 (ISBN: 1494967790)
SGJ Volume 5 Issue 1 (ISBN: 1495487369); SGJ Volume 5 Issue 2 (ISBN: 1496133587);
SGJ Volume 5 Issue 3 (ISBN: 1497575974); SGJ Volume 5 Issue 4 (ISBN: 1499500033);
SGJ Volume 5 Issue 5 (ISBN: 1500130699); SGJ Volume 5 Issue 6 (ISBN: 150043678X);
SGJ Volume 5 Issue 7 (ISBN: 1502931664); SGJ Volume 5 Issue 8 ( ISBN: 1503346935);
SGJ Volume 5 Issue 9 (ISBN: 1505555221); SGJ Volume 5 Issue 10 (ISBN: 1505555558);
SGJ Volume 5 Issue 11 (ISBN: 1505558476); SGJ Volume 6 Issue 1 (ISBN: 1507877048);
SGJ Volume 6 Issue 2 (ISBN: 1508800014); SGJ Volume 6 Issue 3 (ISBN: 1511557508).

SGJ Volume 6 Issues 3 is published: You have the option to read the individual articles online or purchase the PDF Edition or the Print Edition (ISBN: 1511557508).

SGJ Volume 6 Issue 4 Is Coming Soon!

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Sciurch of Scientific GOD

The Sciurch of Scientific GOD is not a religious temple or a materialists' classroom. It is a new pathway to truth and unity in the age of science and technology.

Published in PDF Editions on December 21, 2011 (Online Editions to follow):

Sciurch Volume 1 Issue 1: 易经 Yi Jing (I Ching) by unknown author
Sciurch Volume 1 Issue 2: 道德經 Dao De Jing by 老子 Laozi
Sciurch Volume 1 Issue 3: 論語 Lun Yu (Analects) by 孔夫子 Kong Fuzi (Confucius)
Sciurch Volume 1 Issue 4: Scientific GOD Revealed: The Principle of Existence
Sciurch Volume 1 Issue 5: The Chinese Dream of the 21st Century

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