An Intuitionist Reinterpretation of the Science Method, Deduction and Induction in Hegel-friendly Terms

Stephen P. Smith


I hypothesize that it is the feeling that sources the middle term that allows exploration into Kant’s synthetic (an avenue Hegel and Husserl pursued), and this exploration is done by noting the  intuitionist connections to deduction and induction. The deductive process goes through two Hegelian negations before returning itself to source. Otherwise, the principle of excluded middle cannot be justified as Husserl noted. Deduction and induction are two aspects of the same middle term, and their feelings can best be described as an oscillation: from crude to subtle. Newly cultivated feelings draw us into the synthetic as we discover deeper laws that are built from prior discoveries; this builds a spiral of understanding from the evidence compiled by our vast plurality, and permitting a spectacular celebration of the many as one. The oscillation become more subtle as feeling self cultivate.

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ISSN: 2153-831X