Holographic Godforms: Holographic Archetypes

Iona Miller


Archetypes are the symbols of the transformation of psyche. They help us get moving again after times of illness, stress or stagnation. To predict how you might react to something in the future, look at someone who's reacting to it today. We are not as different from each other as we think.  Archetypes help us redefine human identity as a hyper-connective multiplicity in a continuous process of integration (holy union) embedded in a cosmic super-hologram of consciousness, polarity, Life, death and renewal. In the mysteries of death and renewal, union with the source is a "death marriage", a return to the womb, and union with God. All these forms and imagery arise from a cosmic holographic field or frequency domain that contains all of existence in potential. This holographic plenum is the ultimate source of existence, our cradle of being, and the matrix of the phenomenal world. This is an entangled level of fundamental information and energy connected to every other thing imaginable, the ultimate super-holographic blueprint of the world for all time, past and future. This is the wellspring of the Holographic Gods, of our being and consciousness - the only living reality we know.

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ISSN: 2153-831X