Physics & Cosmic Order II: Introducing the System

Robert W. Campbell


The quest for a theory of everything requires that there must be such a thing as universal wholeness implicit in the cosmic order. As an expression of the cosmic order one universal System determines how experience is organized and integrated. This System must integrate phenomenal experience by reconciling the diverse universe of our common experience with unity. This requires degrees of universality hierarchically subsumed in discrete levels of elaboration within itself. The One System subsumes an open ended series of higher Systems nested within it. We may thus speak of Systems 1, 2, 3, 4,... n,... where each higher system elaborates on the lower systems that subsume and transcend it. Since the System must delineate the nature of space and time there is no accurate way to describe the System in language within a space-time context. It can only be structurally represented with respect to the inside and outside of phenomena as active interfaces that we commonly know as the surfaces of things. We can never know the inside to the exclusion of the outside or vice versa. All we can know in phenomenal experience is active interface processes between them. The One System can thus be structurally represented from two perspectives, one passive (from outside active interfaces looking in) and one active (from inside active interfaces looking out). System 1 represents universal wholeness. It requires that all phenomena consist of active interface processes that share both a universal inside and a universal outside. This rift in universal wholeness between inside and outside requires that System 2 must elaborate upon System 1 with two related active interfaces to account for multiplicity. One interface must be universal and unique while the other is particular and many. System 2 requires a fundamental interdependence of particular and universal aspects of experience in alternating objective and subjective orientations with an active transformation between them. This threeness requires a fundamental discontinuity in the projection of space-time phenomenon. It is for System 3 to elaborate further.

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