A Metaphysical Understanding of “A Scientific Me” through Psalms

Contzen Pereira


Vibrations produced through singing of psalms elicit multifaceted computational events within the structures of the cell; enhances the flow of consciousness and makes me aware of what I am and why I am here, for all the things that goes on around me - my life & my world. Singing has always comforted my soul. It conducts my soul within the matter that makes my body and amalgamates with the Holy Spirit, connecting my soul with the Creator and the Cosmos. Resonating notes connects all living beings to the Universe, for frequency of the vibrations interfere; construct and destruct and transmit energy within and across every living organism. While I sing, I eulogize God for all that thou hast given; foster a relationship with the Holy Spirit, my Soul, the Earth, the Universe and the entirety of the Cosmos; my vibrations proliferate far beyond my imagination, deeper and deeper into the metaphysical.

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ISSN: 2153-831X