A Brief Introduction to the Neurobiology of Spiritual Values, Morality, Sovereignty and Governance

Jeffery Jonathan Joshua Davis


Religious written accounts and stories may serve as valuable inspirations and records of God’s interaction with human beings, however they are never a substitute for revelations and other forms of direct and personal communication with The Creator. It is this direct and personal communication, the starting point for True Religion, which initiates a transformative process of mind, soul, brain, heart, and the human body as a whole, to the attainment of pure thoughts and essences, meanings and values with the associated brain patterns, feelings and emotions. Throughout this essay, True Religion will be referred to as Spiritual Life or simply Spirituality. Through the practise of a Spiritual Life a human being becomes a knower of God instead of a believer in God. The mind of the knower is different from the mind of a believer. The brain patterns and cognitive map have changed and this is reflected in a different human experience whereby something is known instead of just believed or accepted face value as truth. This may result in a deep change of perception of reality at some point in time.




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