A Brief Introduction to the Neuro-Genetics of Spirituality towards a Systemic Peace Propagation Model

Jeffery Jonathan Joshua Davis


When describing the scenario concerning the evolution of humanity towards Global Peace, each element of the system (each person) is first required to find and establish peace internally through their own connection with the Source of all Spiritual Values in order to become a living embodiment of them. As each part of a system affects the whole and every human being is responsible for his or her inner state of peace and harmony, then this choice (individual inner peace) is his or her contribution to Global Peace. This essay presents three main areas that are intimately related, however described separately in order to facilitate a clear picture of the complexities we are dealing with in a simplified manner: the biophysical, the spiritual and the social together with some ethical implications, all connected with a set of systems diagrams that aim to explain a process that will be described in this body of work as a dynamical system of Peace Propagation and Spiritual Values Propagation that we have called Melchidynamics.

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ISSN: 2153-831X