God’s Cosmic Order & Gift of Peace (Part I)

Robert Campbell


My comic experience presented a clear distinction between the observed Veil of Form and perception of the physical reality made of atoms. The Forms of external experience were experienced as a transparent veil in relation to the vast boundlessness of the Void. It was presented this way because I was in a direct one to one relationship with God which transcends the Void and the entire physical world. The physical world was not directly relevant to the experiences shared with God. The veil of form was a unique creation of my mind from my personal perspective shared with God that was distinct from physical atoms. The veil of forms came and went depending on the intensity of the experiences explicitly orchestrated by God. The veil nevertheless gave the experiences context. God visually demonstrated complementary resonant patterns and the Void was polarized. I was filled with His presence and the one word “God.” At His will the archetypal Jesus appeared above me as a harmonized life sized energy pattern outlined in glowing light. It descended into me, paused, and passed through me. It left me with a feeling of profound peace.

Part I of two-part article includes: Introduction; Essential Information from the First Cosmic Experience; Representing Active Interface Processes; Deciphering System 3 in the Form Mode; One and Many; Finding Universal Words; Deciphering System 3 in the Formless Quantum Mode; System 3 and the Primary Hydrogen Atom; The Orbiting Electron; The Physical World; and The Veil of Form.

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ISSN: 2153-831X