The Quantum Body, Mind & Spirit of Man

Raul Valverde


The quantum consciousness paradigm explains there is no present, future and past but only a constant present. The quantum mind is responsible for the paradigms being constantly renewed, because the level of consciousness in the human is growing, awakening and evolving. The human kind is always evolving and what was called before religion then becomes science in modern times. Everything is connected in the universe, and we are just part of this great network of connected consciousness that are becoming aware of this great reality. The mind is a product of the manifestation of who we are, uses the analog of computer hardware called brain, (three-dimensional manifestation), to be able to interact in the third dimension. Energy is needed, from universal mind (pre time and space) in order to mold the reality that everyone creates according to desire, decree and intent. This energy and information arise from the infinite fields of energy and information that encompass all universal creation. The biochemistry of the body is a product of quantum consciousness, feelings, emotions, thoughts and ideas, create reactions that sustain life in every cell. Our body is part of a universal body that in turn is part of the omniversal body. Our minds are part of the universal mind and in turn this is part of the omniversal mind. The origin of disease can be explained with the quantum model of man. The body at older age suffers from a transit failure and it does not reach all the cells creating a small chaos, causing confusion in some type of cells that do not get the correct information, those are the ones that become free radicals causing physical disharmony, also called disease. The article aims at using the quantum paradigm to explain human mind and body, and their interaction with the spirit, this last one as the main driver of existence for evolution purposes.

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ISSN: 2153-831X